About Qubeh

Hi this side Raj, founder of Qubeh.com

Let’s go through my journey with over all 10 years of working experience with multiple brands. After long time I have noticed that my interest is on writing something about technology & delivering the original content to the society.

So, I have started an blog with objective to provide all the required information related to latest updates, mobile reviews, best mobile, top mobile and also, promo code. All the information that users look out I am trying to cover it from every aspect. 

The journey went like roller coaster as like others I also faced many ups and down but my objective was to start blogging. 

Today at Qubeh, we worked with multiple writer naming them few

  • Carolina
  • Matt
  • Aradhaya
  • Priti
  • Junaid

With great team efforts of mine, we made it possible and delivering the great content. Our content is devotee of different categories including iOS, Android, iPad, Reviews, etc .

Currently, we accept Guest post containing 700+ words but the topics must be informative and unique.