xiaomi 11t pro

Xiaomi is about to launch the new smartphone “Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G”. The smartphone is set to release in India on January 19. The bigger player like “AMAZON” has already started stated the Smartphone availability for the users by launching a special page on its website and mentioning the key features & specification of the Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G.

Amazon Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G Quiz Details

The Quiz for Amazon Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G is live on 11th January 2022 and will go till 11th of February 2022. Isn’t amazing the contestant have chance for one month to play win the newly launch “Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G”. The winner of the quiz will be announced on March 11 2022. As its a device centric question will be asked. There will be five question which needs to be answered on 5 Seconds to enter the lucky draw and increase the winning opportunities.

At the end, Amazon will select two winner and each of them will get newly launch Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G.

Amazon Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G Quiz Question

Question 1: How many global 5g does Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G support?

Answer: Its 13 5G Bands

Question 2: Which of the smartphone comes with India’s fastest charging technology?

Answer: Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G

Question 3: In how many hours you can full charge Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G?

Answer: Its just max 17mnts

Question 4: Does Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G is the first device with true 10 bit display?

Answer: Yes it is.

How to Enrolled for Amazon Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G Quiz?

Its available under the Funzone section of the Amazon mobile app and also you can find out on the home page and search for the Funzone section on the search bar.


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Amazon Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G Quiz


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