Apple iOS 14.6 : Latest Updates on iOS Genius Picks


The latest iOS 14 update, everyday comes up with some new exciting features to improve the user experience and surfing. In this article I have listed some of the IOS genius picks features which will help you a lot more.

Customize Siri Suggestions

Siri makes recommendations for you based on your routines and how you use your apps. To change which app siri can suggest and get information from. Simply follow, Go to settings > Siri & Search then tap on app

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Mention Your Close One In a Group Message

This feature is so cool try it today! To direct your message to a specific person in group conversation then tap it.

Genius Picks

 Assign a Reminder 

Decide Who does what in a shared reminder list. Its very simple and so easy to manage, Tap a reminder tap then tap a person

Genius Picks - Reminder


Easily Edit your Text

Need to edit your text? Simply touch and hold the space bar, then slide your finger to place the insertion point or drag the insertion point right where you want to edit.

Genius Picks - Crop


Copy and Paste

Select an Image or text, then pinch with three finger to copy. Simply to paster, pinch open with free fingers

Genius Picks - Copy


Swipe to Undo

Made a mistake? Swipe left with three fingers. To redo, swipe right with three fingers.

Genius Picks


Categorise SMS Spam

Just follow these simple step

Go to settings>Messages>Unknown & Spam, then turn on filter unknown Sender and choose a third party extension


Easily Find your Messages

Your SMS message from a non 10 digit mobile number are automatically sorted into folder like Transactions and promotions. To see messages from your contacts, tap known Senders.

Genius Picks