BCAAs are creating their place on serious athletes’ shelf of supplements. BCAAs are essential amino acids that can’t be produced in the body by themselves. There are 20 amino acids in which 11 can be made by the body but 9 can’t be. You have to take these nine from an external source in your diet. These essential nine amino acids are leucine, isoleucine, histidine, methionine, threonine, lysine, valine, phenylalanine, and tryptophan. Among these nine essential amino acids, there is a trio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine when it comes to maintaining muscle mass.

Leucine is the most important amino acid for stimulating protein synthesis.  It prevents muscle catabolism and muscle tissue breakdown but diminishes while training and affects muscle building. So, it is very much needed for BCAA for muscle growth. 

BCAAs Rich Foods: 

As we have already discussed, BCAAs cannot be made by the body itself, have to take it from foods and other external sources. Here are some BCAAs rich foods that can fill all your BCAAs needs.  

  • Chicken: It consists of 6.6g BCAAs in every 170g chicken
  • Tuna: 5.6g BCAAs in every 170g Tuna
  • Salmon: 5.9g BCAAs in per 170g Salmon
  • Eggs: 1.3g BCAAs in each egg
  • Cottage Cheese: 4.7g BCAAs in per half cup

There are other foods that contain BCAAs in high amounts including milk, meat, goat, beef, lamb, bison, yogurt, peanuts, beans, soy protein, lentils, and nuts. 


Well, you can’t have tons of cottage cheese, tuna, salmon, eggs, and chicken all the time each day to fill your needs for BCAAs. Supplements come to the rescue that is easy to carry, consume, digest, and kind on your wallet. 

Although there are many brands with BCAAs, we recommend your myprotein bcaa for various reasons and options. MyProtein BCAA comes in many options like citrulline malate powder, L-Glutamine Powder, vegan BCAA with 4:1:1, L- Carnitine, Beta-Alanine, and L-Leucine.  These options empower you for any fitness battle.

Reasons To Consume BCAAs: 

  • High-intensity training over weeks and days leading to immunity suppression. Regular BCAAs supplementation has shown in immune system improvement. It also protects us from harmful pathogens and keeps us away from falling sick. 
  • While doing high altitude mountaineering and marathons, protein gets breakdown and muscles are prone to waste. BCAAs preserve our muscles in such extreme catabolic conditions by not using the body’s own amino acids. 
  • Leucine is a very important BCAAs, to initiate the protein synthesis in muscles that lead to muscle building. This is the reason why weight lifters love BCAAs. 
  • Remember your first day in an intense training session. You were unable to move even your arms due to muscle soreness. And this soreness would last for many days.  You must be thinking that you would be lucky if someone would have told you about BCAAs. Taking BCAAs regularly can delay fatigue during your long and intense exercises. 

Not only the gym enthusiasts but also gym-goers should start incorporating BCAAs in the diet. If you are already looking for the BCAAs, why not the Best. If looking for the best, why not for MyProtein BCAA



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