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Looking for a phone with no bezels and no edges? Do you want to upgrade to a bezel-less phone? Here are the best options! You will be surprised to know that the first bezel less phone was launched in 2014 by one of the Japanese’s big brands named Aquos Crystal. But the bezel-less screen phone became familiar since the iPhone X launch in November 2017. The bezel-less screen trend was later followed by other smartphone brands like MI, Motorola, UMidigi etc. Even some smartphone brands in the UK also ventured into bezel-less screens, but nowadays, both notch and fewer bezels are among other trending models.

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Bezel Less Mobile Phone Features

Now let’s help you understand the difference between the notch, bezel-less and a punch hole camera phone screen. Get to know more about these trending smartphone models to make a better choice! 

Notch Screen

Notch is similar to a cut-out at the top of the phone screen. The camera and the other sensors of the phone are placed within the notch space making it a bezel-less phone. For example, both Apple iPhone and MI are providing the notch smartphone display with an enhanced user experience.

Bezel Less Screen

First of all, you need to know what is the bezel, it is the border between the edges of the mobile screen and the frame of the smartphone. The gap between the screen glass and the mobile body frame has been decreased to maximize the screen display. The new technology of bezel-less screen leaves no space between the screen and the smartphone body giving it a premium screen display look.

For example, if you look at the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus screen, they come with a larger border gap difference. The iPhone 8 Plus gives a bulky and bigger display look because most of the screen space is covered with bezel and its screen size is only 5.5 inches. On the other hand,  the exact difference between the bezel and bezel-less smartphones can be seen when you compare iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus smartphones. The iPhone X screen size is only 5.85 inches which is smaller than the total size of the iPhone 8 Plus yet the screen display gives it a premium look.

Punch Hole Camera Screen

Punch hole camera screen decreases the screen bezel by eliminating the notch display and replacing it with a pinhole type camera between the screen and the phone body frame. This saves a lot of space giving it a more premium and trendy look. The first pinhole camera technology was launched in the UK by T-Mobile’s picture messaging service, all in one phone. The next in line was the Sony Ericsson T68i, with a pinhole camera attachment where there was a pinhole camera display. Customers need to pay an extra amount of £20 per month to use the service as well as £200 for the digital phone.

Top 5 Bezel Less Mobile Phones 

  1. Xiaomi Mi8
  2. Huawei Honor 10 – Photo expert
  3. Huawei P20 Pro – Photo legend
  4. OPPO Find X – The Future
  5. iPhone X

List of Best Bezel Less Smartphone 

  • Xiaomi Mi8

    This model was launched in May 2018 which gives a true experience of the notch where there is no other sensor in the camera. All are being installed in the V-shaped notch which really saves a lot of space and gives a sleek look as well. Xiaomi MI 8 may be imminent; the MI 8 is still Xiaomi’s Redmi current top-end mobile phone. This time is for an additional test of the ‘western ‘model version thereof.

  • Huawei Honor 10

    Photo expert, model was launched for the Huawei honour 10 focusing on good quality photos and less bezel screen. It was launched as a top-end model of the smartphone for better compatibility, good camera, slim design and the main part being the upgraded technology. So they launched this bezel-less screen model for the UK people who preferred the bigger screen display and sleek bezel looks.

  • Huawei P20 Pro

    Huawei P20 Pro is one the Huawei top flagship phones launched in the year 2018. Another interesting fact is that Huawei P20 pro was awarded the top best product and best smartphone for the year 2018 – 2019 award in the EISA AWARDS 2018. This illuminating design gives a premium look with a notch in the screen and a very thin bezel in the body frame.

  • Oppo Find X

    The Future Phone: Oppo is next in the top flagships with the Find X model which is a premium phone launched in the same year 2018. It comes with the new bezel-less screen and larger usable space in a big 6.4-inch super Amoled display.

  • iPhone X

    It’s one of the trending smartphones in the market, and popular among less-bezel phones. iPhone X  with its unique features, security aspects and model has an upper hand in the technology market. The brand generates maximum sales with a good reputation and user reviews.

Which is best iPhone?

Do You Know What is a truly Bezel Less Phone? 

A true bezel-less is a full-view display phone with end to end screen capture. You can use every single corner of your phone display and it displays an ultra-premium design! Not just the design, even the quality of the pre-class HD screen is enhanced. Bezel phones on the other hand leave a bulky look. The uneasiness in carrying such phone models make it all the more uncomfortable more than the looks! Nowadays, most of the true full-view and notch-less display phones have pop-up cameras or sliders. Most of the huge tech giants are bringing in phones that place the front camera behind the screen like Oppo, and Xiaomi. Full view displays are getting quite trendy among smartphone users these days. You will also find more companies adopting this new trend. Almost all smartphones have a full-view or 18:9 aspect ratio display. The trend began with minimal bezels around the screen and now it has gone to another new level. These display phones have a better aspect ratio than the traditional ones giving them a better user experience!

Now that you have got an idea about the bezel-less phones, head straight to make the right choice! If you like the above content, please do leave a comment, it will be appreciated.

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