10 Best Washing Machines In India – Buyers Guide

To any Indian home a washing machine is a long-term investment.

That’s why we’re not only bringing to you in this article the best washing machine divided by fully automatic, semi-automatic, front load and top load, but we’re also addressing big factors to consider when purchasing from the best Indian washing machine brand.

Best Washing Machine in India List 2020

Below are the list of top ten washing machine of different models according to your budget you can select any.

  1. Bosch fully automatic washing machine
  2. IFB  Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  3. LG Front Load Washing Machine
  4. Samsung Front Load Washing Machine
  5. Haier Top Load Washing Machine
  6. LG Top Load Washing Machine
  7. BOSCH Top Load Washing Machine
  8. Samsung Top Load Washing Machine
  9. Whirlpool Semi-automatic Washing Machine
  10. Samsung Semi-automatic Washing Machine

Top 10 Washing Machines in India from the Best Washing Machine Brands

Find below the list of best washing machine brand in India with detailed specifications.

1.  Bosch fully automatic washing machine

It has a capacity of 7 kg and max. RPM 1200. This washing machine has advanced features developed specifically to keep Indian customers in mind.

The key positive is that it has a variety of wash programs, versatility in controlling each wash program’s temperature setting and features such as reload function, anti-vibration design and monsoon system.

Speaking about disadvantages, the machine’s inlet pipe is just 1 meter long. So if the tap isn’t very close to the washing machine at your house, you may need to spend extra on a longer inlet plug. There are few concerns about construction delays as well as technicians’ rude behaviour. Be prepared, then!


  • Active water which optimizes the use of water;
  •  Anti-vibration architecture reducing vibration and noise;
  •  Speed Perfect, reducing washing time by up to 65 per cent;
  •  Time delay, which lets you delay the washing cycle from 1 to 24 hours-a function that is particularly useful for working husband and wife at home;
  • VoltCheck, which restarts the washing cycle from where it left in the event of power failure;
  • WaterPlus, which increases the flow of water to fully rinse off clothing detergents — useful for homes that have soft water.
  • Drum Clean feature which helps remove any residue of detergent or dirt on the drum and prevent mold formation.

2.  IFB  Fully Automatic Washing Machine

IFB’s Senorita Aqua SX model washing machine has 6.5 kg washing capacity, a maximum RPM of 1000 and comes with about 100 washing programs making it ideal for basically washing any kind of clothes. (Note that the reason 100 wash programs is because individual program temperatures and spins can be changed resulting in about 100 combinations)

This has many innovative features, such as 3D washing machine, which generates a 360-degree current in the tank, dissolving detergents completely while washing and eliminating all traces while rinsing.


  •  Time delay, which can be set between 30 minutes and 24 hours;
  •  Express 15, Within 15 minutes for fast washing;
  •  Now, talking about IFB’s downsides Senorita Aqua, the main issue found is deployment delay.
  •  Next, IFB has belt drive technology and not LG-like direct drive technology. Direct Drive technology would be better, because it means reduced parts and hence less noise , vibration, wear and tear.

3.  LG Front Load Washing Machine

The body is made of high quality plastic which should be resistant to rust. The updated edition also comes with a touch screen interface, which gives it a sleek look and makes changing settings easier.

Wash settings include baby care, skin care (which eliminates detergent residues completely), duvet, quick care, mix, eco denim, denim, sports wear, delicate, wool, intense 60 and strong 30.


  • The washing machine interacts with the computer when they arrive for service and allows technicians to be well prepared.
  • The biggest drawback of LG washing machines is that you’ll need to pay around Rs. 450 plus installation taxes when you purchase online.
  • The inlet pipe is also only 1 meter long and most likely, if the water tap is far away from the washing machine, you may have to buy a longer cable.

4.  Samsung Front Load Washing Machine

Samsung is a brand known for offering lasting, high-quality appliances. We have been using our Samsung cooler for the past 10 years and it has never had any issues.


  • Samung WA62M4100HY / TL is one of India ‘s five best-selling chargers. Likewise, the Samsung WW60R20GLMA /T is a fast-moving front loader with highly favorable feedback.
  • The WW60R20GLMA / T has a capacity of 6 Kg and is very appropriate for 3-4-member family.
  •  The front loader has a decent number of wash programs and some user-friendly features which make it a pretty good option.

5.  Haier Top Load Washing Machine

Haier HWM658-20 is one of India’s best-selling washing machines, suitable for bachelors and 2-3-member families. With a rust-free plastic frame, a maximum RPM of 1000 cycles, digital indicator of the remaining time, this washing machine uses a quadra flow mechanism to effectively clean clothes, allowing multi-directional water flow.


  • The unit has a memory feature from where it resumes when power loss occurs; delay timer from 30 minutes to 24 hours, child lock and double-level spin tub to minimize fabric abrasion.
  •  It also has two lint filters which help to improve the quality of the fabric after washing.

6.  LG Top Load Washing Machine

With a capacity of 6.2 Kg, a maximum RPM of 700 cycles, multiple washing programs and a smart inverter motor, the LG top load washing machine is an ideal option for a small family with fewer than 3-4 members.


  • Like LG’s front load washing machine, LG top loader also uses smart inverter motor, which is a highly reliable, belt-less system with low vibration and noise levels.
  • This also includes the LG’s Turbo Drum, where water travels in one direction within the drum and the drum itself travels in the other.
  • The clothes inside the drum are subject to water moving in three motions, namely agitation that eliminates tough stains, rotation for tangle-free washing and swing for delicate clothes

7.  BOSCH Top Load Washing Machine

For a small family of 3-4 members, Bosch WOE654W0IN top loading washer with 680 RPM and 9 wash programs is a pretty good option.


  • The washing machine uses innovative power wash, smart wave drum movement and dynamic water flow to remove tough stains with minimal damage to the fabrics.
  • There are nine wash systems, including daily washing, delicacies, jeans, refresh, intense, fast washing, bed sheets, and drum drying.
  • The water level can be set to 8 levels, and the time delay and rinse hold options are also available.

8.  Samsung Top Load Washing Machine

The washing machine features a diamond drum which has smaller and deeper holes that avoid damage to clothing. In addition, the 6-blade pulsator system produces a strong stream of water to dissolve soil.


  • To eliminate lint on washed clothing, the lint filter is positioned deeper within the drum to catch all lints effectively.
  • As for drying, Samsung has used the Air Turbo Drying System, whereby air is taken inside the drum to dry clothes pretty well via minute vents. It also avoids the development of mould inside, as the drum is still dry.
  • Some users also assume that the drying feature, in particular Monsoon dry, works pretty well in. the wash’s moisture content.

9.  Whirlpool Semi-automatic Washing Machine

Whirlpool 6 kg Semi-automatic washing machine is a relatively decent machine that you can get within a budget, featuring 3 wash programs (heavy, regular and delicate), a smart scrub station for pre-treatment of stained clothing, a large 66 liter wash tub, multi-use tray and a powerful fast cleaning impeller.


  • Since it does not have an auto-soak feature, you may need to pre-soak for the appropriate time before you put the washing clothes on.
  • Usually a wash cycle is done within about 30-40 minutes.
  • One thing you need to be cautious about is to load the washed clothes correctly to the dryer, because if the weight is distributed unevenly, the dryer will not function effectively.

10.  Samsung Semi-automatic Washing Machine

LGP7550R3FA is a pretty good choice for bachelors or small families with 2-4 members, from semi-automatic washing machines. The washing machine is made of plastic and has a roller pulser and collar scrubber to clean collars and clear stains. The effectiveness of these apps, however, is not as high as one would expect.


  • There are three basic programs for washing, that are gentle, regular and heavy.
  • The spin shower feature cleans remaining from the drum over detergent residue to increase durability.
  • Overall, the consistency of the wash is decent for a semi-automatic washer.


A Quick Guide To Best Washing Machines

When you’re looking for the best Indian washing machine under the front load washing machine, we ‘d suggest the Bosch. In general, Bosch products are highly performant and robust. It has washing programs such as Sari tailored for Indian demographics; options for water and electricity conservation through Speed perfect and eco perfect options, 15 washing programs and a maximum RPM of 1200 cycles, all of which make it a perfect choice for any 4-5 member family. High in efficiency, highly reliable, least moaning and, of course, the machine is a delight with excellent after-sales service.


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