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What is Pristine Phone Condition?

Pristine phone condition means the device will be the same as new. The previous owner has taken care of this device. The screen and look-wise condition will be good and, any imperfection can be considered minor. The device has been fully tested for quality check and made fully functional than its processed to sell to […]

What is Review IO? is a leading provider of review collection. Build your online reputation and encourage loyalty and encourage business demand through genuine feedback from Customer. Reviews IO is completely free, gain customer trust and conversion with unique, verified customer products or services reviews. You can customize the email templates in email form or SMS to drive […]

What are the Best Review Sites in the UK?

he platforms to be aware of when choosing the trusted review sites and those that have a relationship with Google. These sites act as”sources of feedback” to Google in determining reviews and in turn, you will get the result in SERP ranking. Platforms include: Bazaarvoice Bizrate eKomi E-Komerco ECã ã Feedback Company Feefo FIA-NET […]