How to Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone

This article details how to do an iCloud-locked iPhone, which requires Activation Lock to be activated as an anti-theft action. You need to access the original username and password of your Apple ID to open and use your Phone. Guidelines for iOS devices are available.

How to Unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone?

The Lock is an essential measure against robbery. Whenever my iPhone is working, your iPhone or iPad automatically switches on Activation Lock. No one can uninstall the smartphone, enable it on another account, or disable Locate My iPhone without entering an Apple ID username and password which was initially enabled on the Phone after unlocking the functionality. Here is what you are facing with this problem:

  • Search the Activation Lock screen to decide if you have an iCloud-locked iPhone.
  • Enter the first Phone to enable the Apple username and password ID.
  • It’s going to unlock your iPhone. You’ll need to reset it if you forget your Apple ID keys.

If you have ties to the Original Owner of the iPhone: 

If, for instance, you have a used iPhone, the mechanism gets more complicated if the user name and password are not yours. If an iPhone is logging into another than your iCloud account and the user whose account was used initially is in your vicinity:

  • Ask you to enter the passwords of your Apple ID on your Phone.
  • If you hit the home screen, you can sign off from iCloud:
  • Config > iCloud > Sign Out are available on iOS 10.2 and earlier.
  • Go to Settings > [your name]> Sign Out on iOS 10.3 and above.

If the username and password for Apple ID are needed, it should be entered again.

  • You can then delete the iPhone Apple ID:
  • Tap Sign Out and then tap Delete from My iPhone on iOS 10.2 and before.
  • Tap Toggle off on iOS 10.3 and beyond.
  • Scan out Configuration > General > Restore > Personalized Content and Settings. Relieve the handset again.
  • You shouldn’t see the Activation Lock screen as your phone restarts this time.

If the owner is not nearby :

This version is straightforward. The somewhat more challenging version is where you are not physically close to the person whose account you use.

  • Please contact for their Apple ID and sign up.
  • Choose iPhone to find.
  • Choose All smartphones, then choose the iPhone to open.
  • Choose Delete and obey all other instructions on the screen.

When the former owner deletes the handset, restart the iPhone, and when the activation screen begins, you will not be able to access it.

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How to Unlock iPhone iCloud?

The standard method of establishing a new iPhone includes registering a smartphone with Apple ID. An impressive IMEI number is available for each telephone. Also, any user requires an Apple ID, an iTunes account, to use Apple’s services ultimately. It would help if you triggered ‘Find My iPhone’ when you set up a new phone.

It would help if you also used an iCloud iPhone that you don’t know about account specifics. Various Web pages inform you that the Phone is not passcode secure, but you can still use it. You will never uninstall my iPhone on the device, but the device cannot be removed, and the Phone cannot be reactivated to be configured with your data.

How to Get Past Activation Lock on iPhone?

Apple will log a unique user identity with your Apple ID when you first unlock your iPhone. It then connects your iPhone’s uniquely named ID to your Apple ID to eliminate any Apple IDs accessing the device.

To validate your identity and unlock the computer, you must then sign in with your Apple ID.

This protection feature is directly related and lets you find an abandoned user, Find My iPhone. You can also unlock Activation Socket if you allow Find My iPhone on your mobile.

You can check for the latest location of the user by emailing > [Your name] > iCloud > Find My iPhone or login to

Whereas most people are facing Activation Lock problems on used iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch still play a part. Much as for iPhones, the Activation Lock locks the Apple ID used to set an iPad or Apple Watch.

Conclusion :

The iCloud Lock is combining with an Apple-based “Find My iPhone” tool which enables you to find the missing unit. It displays the location of your computer on a map to make tracking fast. The default option on all iPhones, iPads, and some Apple Watch models is that all of these features must be disabled so that your computer is protected. This 5-step guide illustrates what to do if you are present.


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