Apple iPhones have always been a fantasy of most mobile lovers. The latest technology and amazing software are that Apple uses are really worth buying. Every now and then., there are the latest models of apple which come in the market. Each and every iPhone model of apple is very fine and works smoothly. There are numerous models already being launched in the market. Some of them are iPhone 6, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 10, iPhone 11 pro max and there are many more. But, this long list of iPhones often creates confusion in the minds of people. Customers often get confused about which model of Apple iPhone they should go for.

Sometimes, they even do not know about the various features of the iPhone models and hence, they end up buying the wrong product. also, apple iPhones are way too costly due to which many customers cannot afford it and they end up buying other brand phones. But now all these problems would be solved. Get all the models of refurbished iPhones at a very affordable price with great working conditions and an absolute warranty. All your confusion would be solved because here we are going to use the various features and specifications of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. This comparison would make you understand that which iPhone is better between refurbished iPhone 11 and refurbished iPhone 12.

Refurbished iPhone 11 Features

A refurbished iPhone 11 has great features that would make a huge impact in the market by attracting more and more customers. It has grea6t features and excellent attributes. The operating system is very latest and hence, makes the iPhone 11 work very smooth and attractive. It would be an amazing deal for all the iPhone lovers as they are going to get this refurbished model of iPhone 11 at a very cheap and affordable price with the same working condition as the new mobile with proper warranty period and satisfaction. Following are some of the features of iPhone11 which really makes this iPhone worth buying:

It has a high-dimensional display with a touchscreen of 6.1 inches. It is the great camera of the iPhone of 12 megapixels which allows the users to click quality pictures with enough clarity and color specifications. It has enough storage capacity to install all your latest and favorite software and all the multimedia stuff. The operating system installed in the iPhone 11 very efficient and make working on this iPhone very smooth.

Refurbished iPhone 12 Features

Here is another model of the Apple iPhone and that is the iPhone 12. It has amazing features which make this iPhone worth buying. Though this iPhone is too costly to be afforded here you are getting a refurbished model then this problem would be solved. Consider the following features of iPhone 12 which would convince you for sure about the quality of this iPhone:

  • It has a camera of 12 megapixels which allows the user to click brilliant pictures.
  • Its operating system is iOS 10 which is very effective.
  • It has a screen display of 6.1 inches which is absolutely very stunning.
  • It has an elegant design which has been designed by professionals.

Hence, buyers can definitely choose the best-refurbished iPhone for them considering the above feature of both refurbished iPhone 11 and refurbished iPhone 12.

Storage Capacity of Refurbished iPhones

The storage of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 is also quite impressive. It comes with various storage capacities. Following are the categorization of iPhone 11 open the basis of its storage capacity:

With 64 GB: Under this, you would get an internal storage capacity of up to 64 GB which would make you store data very conveniently.
With 128 GB: Here, you would get an iPhone with 128Gb of internal space using which you can install numerous new features in your handset.
With 256 GB: Get this very high storage capacity of iPhone with 256 GB of internal space which would allow you to save data much more than required. All your multimedia stuff would be safe and secure with this iPhone.


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