Top 10 Best OTG Oven (Buying guide)

Planning to buy the best OTG Oven for your home then you must read on to our buying guide. We are here to advice you with the best OTG ovens that one can purchase and enjoy hogging on to delicious delicacies sitting at home.

Top 10 Best OTG Oven in India 2020

    1. Bajaj Majesty
    2. Morphy Richard OTG
    3. Bajaj OTG
    4. Lifelong OTG
    5. Prestige OTG
    6. American OTG
    7. Borosil Prima OTG
    8. Morphy Richards OTG
    9. Bajaj TMSS OTG
    10. Morphy Richards Toaster Grill OTG

Best OTG Oven Brand List in India


1. Bajaj Majesty

If you are looking for a lightweight and affordable OTG for a small 2-3-member family then this Bajaj OTG oven is the perfect option for your kitchen. It is user friendly and comes with all the necessary accessories.

The ergonomically built grill can also be used to keep your meal warm even after cooking is over. The stainless steel finish frame offers a very sleek and functional look for the oven toaster grill.

2. Morphy Richards OTG

This 24-liter OTG is ideal for 4-5 persons to meet your baking, grilling and toasting needs. The motorized rotisserie helps you to roast and grill mouth-watering kebabs and tikka paneer, or chicken / meat roast. It is a best OTG oven for home use.

The OTG oven’s 24 Liter size allows you to play with nearly all of the culinary delight. The Morphy Richards Oven Stay On Feature keeps the food fresh and warm until you’re ready to serve it. You can actually use this feature to keep your meal warm for up to two hours.

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3. Bajaj OTG 

A stainless steel construction, this beautifully crafted OTG oven is simple to use and comes with a full range of accessories and controls. The motorized 45 liter convection rotisserie makes it a decent option for all serious bakers or for a big family of 5-8 men.

4. Lifelong OTG

It has a compact design, and fits perfectly in your kitchen corner. The Lifelong’s 16L ability is enough to match your small family’s baking and grilling needs.

The OTG oven cooking timer allows you to do multitasking even when cooking on Lifelong. The product comes with crumb and cooking tray, and this additional appliance makes keeping this OTG oven clean simple.

5. Prestige OTG

If you are looking forward to lip-smacking delicacies, try Prestige POTG Oven. It comes with a removable rod and two grips ensuring even heating from all the five positions and proving to be an effective rotisserie.

The temperature control ensures you achieve the exact cooking temperature for your food. This has an ergonomically built handle that remains cool irrespective of how much heat is inside the oven and can therefore be used safely, without any additional precautions.

6. American OTG

The American OTG Micronic Oven is a good looking oven with a motorized rotisserie. The oven ‘s capacity of 36 liters makes it ideal for a medium sized family.

The best aspect of this American Micronic OTG oven is that for the upper and lower heating elements, it has two different valves. This unique feature allows you to set various temperature settings for both the upper and lower heating elements. Six heating elements, i.e. one 400W element at the top and bottom front and 2 x 300W heating elements at the top and bottom rear, provide a uniform heating in the room.

7. Borosil Prima

The Borosil Prima OTG Oven gives you the pleasure of cooking comfortably. Heating, grilling, baking, toasting, and rotisserie is quite an easy task with six mode. The oven is designed to effectively perform all of these cooking functions.

The OTG oven’s convection function keeps the dryness inside the chamber and cooks the food efficiently and evenly, even when running at low temperatures. This feature comes handy when you need to save energy during food preparation.

8. Morphy Richards OTG

The construction of stainless steel gives it an elegant look and also encourages better distribution of heat which in effect helps to even cook the food.

Roasting and grilling is possible with the motorized rotisserie, without losing food moisture. Ideal for oil-free cooking, the non-stick baking tray is. Kebab rod package comes in the oven too.

The oven’s convection feature cooks the food fast and uniformly. Multiple functions including defrost, toast, convection, rotisserie, bake and broil are provided by the OTG oven. The Stay On function helps keep your food warm for an extended period of time. The oven ‘s inner chamber is galvanized so it’s rust-proof.

9. Bajaj TMSS OTG

You can offer your inner chef wings with the features of toasting, grilling, baking and deep cooking in the oven. The Bajaj OTG oven covers a temperature between 0 and 250 degrees and allows the cooking of both fast meals and deep-cooked food.

It comes with a timer, so you don’t have to keep an eye on your groceries. Control of the temperature and heating elements allows you to choose the preferred heating levels for cooking different food types.

10. Morphy Richards Toaster Grill OTG

The oven is composed of a body of stainless steel that ensures better heat circulation and also helps to heat the food faster and more evenly. The motorized rotisserie can be used equally to grill and to roast food.

The OTG oven comes with a cooking timer that enables precise preparation of the food. The temperature control knob allows adjustment of the temperature according to the recipe.

 This was all about the best OTG ovens that you can shop for. Coming from the premium brands they offer a long life and a steady use. We’ve already shortlisted India’s top OTG ovens but now is the time to narrow down the list further. For a small family the Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Liter Oven Toaster Grill is the perfect OTG with no rotisserie. This oven helps create delights that are crisp in no time. It comes with all the basic features, and is easy to use. And besides that, this oven’s power consumption is very low.

In a small family the winner is Morphy Richards 24 RSS-Litre Oven Toaster Grill when it comes to the perfect OTG with rotisserie. This best OTG oven features a motorized rotisserie to satisfy the grilling and roasting needs. This OTG oven also serves a large variety of functions such as broiling, baking, toasting, keeping warm and rotisserie. The oven’s stainless steel body supports even oven heating.



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