UMiDigi Power 3 Review


UMiDigi is a china based multinational company which is situated in Shenzhen. UMiDigi has the name in the books of the most durable hammer mobile. UMiDigi makes smart Mobile, according to UMiDigi’s websites they assert to have made the first 8 core digital-phone, and the first company to make a digital-phone with an Artificial Intelligence Thermometer.

The UMiDigi Power 3 comes with the 6.53 in HD screen resolution with a higher pixel rate of like 720\1280 at 295 PPI pixel per inch. Earlier, we found that the name of the brand UMIdigi was only “UMI ” but after 2012 the name was changed and it became one of the top multinational companies of china which sold their product to the UK,US and many other countries. 

Isn’t it amazing if you carry a powerful mobile in your hand? The powerful phone features excellent battery, cameras and performance, really UMIDIGI POWER 3 will bring magic – The phone will fulfil all your needs. 

Then after the UMiDigi brings a model UMiDigi Power 3 which is one of the colossal selling Mobile of its Brand which makes its brand equity and the shares high into the market and provides the customer pure and quality product with the high-end feature which can full fill the scrutiny of the customer. UMiDigi power 3 is one of the finest Mobile where they provide an Amicable camera quality, fast energising with 18 w power full charger, quad cameras take HDR quality pictures, 6150 MAH battery capacity with the highest 9-10 hour of screen time and comes with HD screen quality. UMiDigi power 3 comes with the 48 megapixels’ main sensor camera, 13-mega pel short focal length lens and 5-mega pel macro scope camera.

More than enough quality in one package but the question you should be asking yourself is this makes you buy a UMiDigi Power 3 Phone? Not yet then let find out in detail for the UMiDigi Power 3 mobile

Boon of UMiDigi Power 3 

  1. Bigger screen size i.e. 6.53
  2. Monster size battery 6150 MAH
  3. Processor – CPU Octa Core 4x 2.0 GHz ARM Cortex-A73 4x 2.0
  4. Loading capacity –  4 GB RAM · 64 GB internal loading capacity, expandable up to 256 GB.
  5. Fast energizing with 18 w supersonic fast charger
  6. Reverse energizing capacity up to 10 w
  7. Faster face unlocking feature
  8. HDR quality digital camera
  9. 2-3-day battery life
  10. Slim design

Bane of UMiDigi Power 3

  1. No night polaroid
  2. No 4k configuration
  3. Low-quality sound system
  4. Fingerprint sensors can be faster

Let’s have a quick look on, 

UMiDigi Power 3 Features

  • Hybrid Subscriber Identification Module Slot
  • Android One Software
  •  LTE Network Support
  •  High Quality Multi Functioning NFC
  • Monster Power Storage Capacity
  •  Fast Energizing Capable with 18w Charger
  • Monster Power Storage Capacity
  • Digital Quad Polaroid
  • Super HD Screen
  • Artificial Intelligence Selfie Camera
  • Security
  • Color Variant

Hybrid Subscriber Identification Module Slot

 UMiDigi power 3 Subscriber identification module tray comes with the dedicated 2+1 micro SD Hybrid Subscriber identification module slot which means you can able to put 2 4g LTE subscriber identification module card and 1 micro SD card which expandable memory is up to 256 GB which is very much sufficient for the Singlehanded digital phone user. This Hybrid Subscriber identification module slot is known as the hybrid slot too

Android One Software

 UMiDigi power 3 comes with the stock android software which means you can get the latest updates for the next 4-5 year which will help you out for getting you up to date in the latest technology updates. Android one is the ace of the best stock Android Mobile up to date

 LTE Network Support

 UMiDigi power 3 comes with the Multinational 4G LTE support band which is now one of the fastest networks to date which helps in making voice calls over the phone with the use of 4G network LTE network support as well as give you faster network coverage that helps in surfing the internet with high-speed internet on the digital phone. UMIDIGI Power 3 supports 33 international bands which helps you over travelling too. It can also support 4G LTE in both slots subscriber identification modules simultaneously – enjoy faster data transfer, lower power consumption and more reliable network connection from now on

 High Quality Multi Functioning NFC

 UMiDigi power 3 comes with the near field communication High-quality multi-functioning NFC which help you in connection of the 2 of your devices nearby of 4 cm of Digi range with a low-speed network speed and it is one of the more secure and dependable connections in UMiDigi power 3.

Monster Power Storage Capacity

 UMiDigi power 3 comes with 6150 MAH monster power storage capacity which includes artificial intelligence power management which helps in the usage of power in a subsequent manner which saves battery and increases its health for a longer time. UMiDigi power 3 gives you monster power storage capacity 566 hours of standby backup where you can attend calls up to 55 hours and 29 hours of video playing back up and 11 hours of gaming platform.

 Fast Energizing Capable with 18w Charger

 UMiDigi power 3 comes with the 18 W super-fast sonic charger which will help you in energizing your digital phone within an hour from 0 -100 % which is fast. In this type of generation where Mobile is one of the lifelines nowadays, this gives you more time to spend and sort all your work with it. The UMiDigi also supports fast energizing and reverse energizing which leads to transfer power to different devices with the OTG cable from type C to Type C which comes with the box for free.

Digital Quad Polaroid

 UMiDigi power 3 comes with a Digital polaroid (camera) with quad lenses like a 48 Mega pel main camera, 13 mega pel short focal length lens and 5 macro camera lenses which give HDR quality pictures to your digital phone. The main lenses are for ultra 48 Mega pel short focal length lens close-up focus depth lenses with portrait mode in it. Where a low light camera can be a better feature to add with but no problem it can be solved by filter and photo editing. UMiDigi power 3 comes with a digital polaroid (camera) that comes with 120’ ultra-pro-short focal length lens lenses of13 mega pel in them. It has autofocused features with an F/1.79 Colossal aperture and its 1.6m(4in1) Super dynamic pixel quality. This model comes with a powerful Helio P60, UMIDIGI Power 3 takes the night mode feature photo with DSLR experience in a phone to another level, bringing you clear and brighter images even in poorly lit conditions.

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Artificial Intelligence Selfie Camera

 UMiDigi power 3 comes with a 16 megapixels’ artificial intelligence camera which has DIY beautifier features and a face unlocking feature in it. It can detect your face gesture and allow you to take more HDR quality pictures.

Super HD Screen

 UMiDigi power 3 has a super HD Screen to enhance your experience while using it. Its spectacular feature is a true tone Super HD screen Brightness feature which will help you in Increasing and decreasing your digital phone’s brightness level according to its surroundings and has a night vision feature after the sunset it will start its work which will not affect your eye even when you are using your digital phone in the night too


 UMiDigi power 3 comes with the security feature where you can lock your digital phone and stay secure with Face id, Fingerprint, pattern locking and pin lock. These are some of the Security features which make UMiDigi power 3 more secure and more versatile.

Comparing with iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 12 Pro 

Color Variant

 The digital phone comes with the multi-color variant in the model range where UMiDigi provides All-New Midnight Green, classic Red and Space Gray that let you feel the unexpected vibes in the Power 3 at first sight. And the 3D ergonomic body was designed with a slimmer and lightweight design for a better grip

What do We Get in the Package?

 UMiDigi power 3 comes as a device, get a 2 pin EU or an American 2 pin power adapter included in the box. Also, United Kingdom customers will receive an ultrasonic power adapter as complementary. There’s the typical Type-C energizing data cable as well as an extra Type-C to Type-C cable which is also known as OTG cable so that you can use the 10w reverse energizing functionality. The included case is a black leather textured silicone case for phone protection that fits snugly and is more than enough to keep the digital phone protected. The case is ultra-soft and handy silicon material which feels a premium feel and good quality.

 Hope the above information will help in solving your query about the UMiDigi power 3. You can get the information that you were looking for. All its characteristics have been discussed over if you like it please do kindly comment down below.


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