What Does Refurbished Grading Mean in SmartCellular


SmartCellular Have its Own Grading System as PEG. PEG full form are as follows :

P – Pristine

E- Excellent

G- Good

PEG is based on the physical condition of the handset that you are willing to buy or you have already purchased.

  • Pristine: If a handset in Pristine Condition this means, it handset will look brand new, there is no sign of usage, scratches, etc. As compared to excellent and good condition, the prices are high for pristine condition.
  • Excellent: If a handset in Excellent Condition this means, it may have a minor sign of usage but overall the condition of the handset will be excellent. As compared to pristine the price will be Lil less.
  • Good: If a handset is in Good condition this means, it may minor usage, dents, etc. As compared to pristine and excellent, the good condition smartphones are stated in the third position. Not only these, but the prices are also low as compared to pristine and excellent. But however, overall the phone condition will be good!!

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